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Madame Hien

from $10 /person

  • Restaurant: Madame Hien
  • Location:Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Address: 15 Chân Cầm, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • Telephone: +84 4 4 3938 1588
  • More information: https://www.facebook.com/madamehienrestaurant
  • Opening hours: 11am - 10pm
  • Review: 0.0 /10 - Review Rating (Based on 0 reviews)

Housed in a restored 19th-century villa, Madame Hien is a tribute to French chef Didier Corlu’s Vietnamese grandmother. Look forward to more elegant versions of traditional Hanoi street food, with the ‘36 Streets’ fixed menu (535,000d), a good place to kick off your culinary knowledge of the city.

Located on Chan Cam Street, right inside the heart of Hanoi, Madame Hien is a French antique buildingdesigned by the chief architect of the renowned Hanoi Opera House. The restaurant is also the latest venture of the most celebrated French chef in Vietnam – Didier Corlou besides La Verticale.

Stepping inside Madame Hien, customers may immediately feel the distinction of it through a cozy atmosphere created by the art of installation and luxury furniture highlighted by red lanterns around its rooms. The restaurant is also divided into different areas including both enclosed and open-air space which may help people getting out of hyperactivity of Hanoi.

Unlike its brother La Verticale, Madam Hien’s menu is not French or a fusion between French and Vietnamese foods but only authentic Vietnamese foods such as Banh Cuon, Pho, Bun, Nem, Com Nieu or grilled piglets, banana-flower salad and lemongrass-duck foie gras.


Tips And Reviews

66 Tips and reviews
- Mar, 14, 2013 -

Ross H

Popular place so it’s wise to make a booking. Celebrity chef Didier Corlou has some incredible fusion dishes on the menu. Make sure you try the sapa honey ice cream for dessert

- Mar, 10, 2018 -

Lili R

Cute, charming outdoor seating and delicious Vietnamese fusion dishes. Try the papaya salad, roasted lamb and clay pot dishes.

- Apr, 06, 2013 -

Anh B

Nice Vietnamese restaurant with a touch of French cuisine, definitely a must-try place. The French architected mansion has a cute little garden where u can sit out. Try the "banh cuon" and dimsum here

- Oct, 20, 2018 -

Will M

Put into perspective, only a tightarse cd complain about $25 a head. Fusion dishes are mostly v good, lovely place to eat etc. Go for Cocktails, beer admittedly overpriced. Service needs improving tho

- Oct, 28, 2012 -

Nat M

The ambience enhanced the tasty meal. The steamed rice rolls with crab and curry were very good, as was the grilled fish with galangal (young ginger). Good food, better atmosphere.

- Apr, 22, 2014 -

Gaini T

Chef's selection of starters, Pho soup with foie gras, pineapple salad with prawns - fantastic!!!!!

- Oct, 20, 2016 -

Marcin R

A Nice restaurant with great service, reminding of good parisian restaurants. Pleasant outdoor siting area. Bun cha to die for.

- Apr, 30, 2015 -

Kevin B

Great food, poor obnoxious service. Pricey for Hanoi. Service unprofessional after some language misunderstandings, table neglected with courses still to come. If you do go: Mango prawns are awesome

- Apr, 21, 2018 -


If you want local Hanoian food, go to one where the locals are eating while seated on tiny stools. Although you won't get the ambiance like in Madame Hien, you'll get tastier food at a cheaper price.

- Dec, 27, 2016 -

Gustavo S

Excellent food! Perfect service. Might be a little bit expensive for Vietnamese standards but totally acceptable compared to European prices


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