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Highway 4

from $6 /person

  • Restaurant: Highway 4
  • Location:Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Address: 5 Hàng Tre, Lý Thái Tổ, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • Telephone: +84 4 4 3926 0639
  • More information: www.highway4.com
  • Opening hours: noon-late
  • Review: 0.0 /10 - Review Rating (Based on 0 reviews)

This is the original location of a restaurant family famed for adapting Vietnamese cuisine for Western palates, although with increasing popularity it beccomes harder to please everybody. There are now four other branches in Hanoi: check the website for locations. Come for small plates to share, cold beer and funky decor.

In Vietnam, Highway #4 itself is not just a single continuous path but a network of strategically important routes that wind along much of the length of the Sino-Vietnamese border. It is divided into Highways 4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E and (with no letter F in Vietnamese!) 4G as follows:

  • 4A > Dong Dang – Na Sam – That Khe – Dong Khe – Cao Bang (118km)
  • 4B > Lang Son – Loc Binh – Dinh Lap – Mui Chua port (107km)
  • 4C > Ha Giang – Yen Minh – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Highway #34 (216km)
  • 4D > Muong Khuong – Lao Cai – Sa Pa – Tam Duong – Pa So (200km)
  • 4E > Kim Tan (Lao Cai) – Pho Lu – Bac Ngam Junction (46km)
  • 4G > Son La – Song Ma (90km)

This main route services the north of the country, linking major urban centres throughout the mountainous regions, passing through undoubtedly some of the most stunning scenery in South-East Asia. These rural areas have long been famous for hosting a variety of forest produce used in traditional medicine and the soaking of traditional liquor.

Tips And Reviews

23 Tips and reviews
- May, 26, 2013 -


Go to Highway 4, you won't be disappointed. We had the BBQ Ostrich, the Pigeon in pepper sauce and the morning glory to name but a few awkward dishes. All the other food here is also amazing!

- Nov, 16, 2015 -

Teeny W

The shrimp rice noodle rolls and chilli dipping sauce are delicious!

- Dec, 24, 2017 -

Dirk G

Muy buen lugar, la atención A1, hay un mesero de Hungría que habla muy buen ingles, ya que los locales no lo hablan bien. Probamos el pulpo bebe, muy bueno

- Aug, 17, 2013 -

5 B

Vẫn đắt từ xưa,nhiều món lạ&ngon,ngồi đây hơi chật&0 thoải mái như Highway Mai Hắc Đế,rượu đa dạng hơn trước nhg uống lại có vẻ chán hơn/high price,nice service,food good but space narrow than others

- Aug, 14, 2012 -

Lia G

Order the nem ca (catfish spring rolls)- a highway 4 specialty. Just watch out for the wasabi dipping sauce!

- Aug, 28, 2018 -

Fernando U

La comida es muy rica, lo malo es que las meseras nunca están al pendiente del cliente, se la pasan en el celular

- Dec, 28, 2013 -

Christophe E

Great place, good service. Often no place in the evening, so come early

- Jan, 13, 2016 -


Grilled scorpions. The bodies and tails were ok, the nippers were too tough 🙈

- Feb, 24, 2015 -

Kayoung P

이층은 좌식으로 되어잇움 음식종류는 많고 다양하지만 난 뗏 기간에 가서 대부분의 메뉴 주문이 불가능햇음 ㅠㅠ 개구리 다리, 비둘기, 타조 , 농어 등 일반 음식점에서 볼 수업는 다양한 음식이 잇뜸

- Sep, 21, 2014 -

Xuân Trà S

Quick service. The crab spring rolls are wonderful!


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