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One Pillar Pagoda

  • Sight: One Pillar Pagoda
  • Type: Religious
  • Location:Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Address: Chùa Một Cột, Điện Biên, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • Opening hours: 8-11.30am daily & 2-4pm Tue-Thu, Sat & Sun

The One Pillar Pagoda was originally built by the Emperor Ly Thai Tong who ruled from 1028 to 1054. According to the annals, the heirless emperor dreamed that he met Quan The Am Bo Tat, the Goddess of Mercy, who handed him a male child. Ly Thai Tong then married a young peasant girl and had a son and heir by her. As a way of expressing his gratitude for this event, he constructed a pagoda here in 1049

Built of wood on a single stone pillar, the pagoda is designed to resemble a lotus blossom, the symbol of purity, rising out of a sea of sorrow. One of the last acts of the French before quitting Hanoi in 1954 was to destroy the original One Pillar Pagoda; the structure was rebuilt by the new government

Tips And Reviews

31 Tips and reviews
- Feb, 16, 2013 -


You can visit the pagoda mausoleum & museum in 1 visit as it is in the same compound. This pagoda is famous for people who wish for a baby boy, they'd come put their offerings & touch the stone lotus.

- Apr, 11, 2016 -

Ilya S

Pre-hochimin symbol of Ha Noi. You can also pray for getting a baby-boy. The pagoda is in the same vicinity as HCM's mausoleum, house and museum, so it's a good attraction for a day trip

- Sep, 07, 2015 -

Benjamin 🚀

A little quirky but worth a stop to pay your respects and snap a photo. 😄🇻🇳

- Jan, 26, 2018 -

Ashley D

Very small Pagoda next to the Ho Chi Minh museum. Nice to look at, but not much to see. Guards around this complex are very strict about where and when you can walk. Photography isn’t widely allowed

- Dec, 12, 2014 -


One Pillar Pagoda is one part of Hochiminh Complex. When you enter this complex, you can visit Hochiminh Mausoleum, Hochiminh's House, One Pillar Pagoda, Hochiminh Museum...

- Jan, 14, 2015 -

Bang G

There's a lot of people here so check if you can visit this first before the mausoleum to avoid a crowd. Praying here is believed to offer you good luck in conceiving a child.

- Jul, 10, 2019 -

Cenker K

According to history, the king sees an angel giving him a baby in a lake which has lotus flowers. Day after, he learns that his wife is pregnant and made built this beautiful lotus shaped pagoda...

- Apr, 18, 2018 -


One of the most recognizable places in Hanoi, should be visited along with Mausoleum

- Apr, 22, 2018 -



- Oct, 07, 2014 -

Phat B

Spent hours trying to find this "must see" attraction. Most of it was a building site with limited access (August 2014) - very disappointing experience.

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