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Long Bien Bridge

  • Sight: Long Bien Bridge
  • Type: Religious
  • Location:Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Address: Long Biên, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • Opening hours: All time

A symbol of the tenacity and resilience of the Hanoian people, the Long Bien Bridge (built between 1899 and 1902) was bombed on several occasions during the American War, and on each, quickly repaired by the Vietnamese. Designed by Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame) the bridge, used by trains, mopeds and pedestrians, is undergoing reconstruction to restore its original appearance. It’s colourfully illuminated at night.

Tips And Reviews

31 Tips and reviews
- Jan, 15, 2015 -

Bang Geonzon

Visit at night & you'll notice 2 crowds - the lovebirds on your right and the corn vendors at your left. Try their grilled corn - very yummy and just the right nibler as you gaze at the city lights.

- Oct, 19, 2014 -

5 Beo

Oldest modern bridge in Vietnam,have a vintage & rusty charming,everytime u walk or ride a bike on this bridge,u will feel u are one part of Hanoi's history

- Nov, 10, 2014 -

Kiman Hoi An Hotel & Spa

One of the most famous bridges in Hanoi which is over 100 years old. Should take a visit when you are in Hanoi

- Jun, 19, 2013 -

Frontier Trail

Long Bien is the first steel bridge cross Hanoi’s Red River. It was built by the French in 1899-1902..view detail

- May, 04, 2016 -

Trinh Tran

This bridge is very romantic at late afternoon, at night and early morning!

- Jun, 18, 2016 -

Caprio Redorn

A lovely old bridge. Quite a popular place for young VN to hang out.

- Dec, 08, 2015 -

hien giang

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- Oct, 07, 2014 -

Phat Buoy

Fantastic old bridge - over 100 years old.., and it looks it!

- Feb, 16, 2013 -

Trang Moc

More than 100 years old, the bridge looked like a giant silk band! It was partly destroyed during the war so big part of the band doesnt exist now ;(

- Jul, 22, 2013 -

LeoKing Senior

One of most beautiful old bridge in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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