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Hoan Kiem Lake

  • Sight: Hoan Kiem Lake
  • Type: Lakes, rivers & waterfalls
  • Location:Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Address: Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • Opening hours: All day

Legend claims in the mid-15th century Heaven sent Emperor Ly Thai To a magical sword, which he used to drive the Chinese from Vietnam. After the war a giant golden turtle grabbed the sword and disappeared into the depths of this lake to restore the sword to its divine owners, inspiring the name Ho Hoan Kiem (Lake of the Restored Sword). Every morning at around 6am local residents practise traditional t’ai chi on the shore.

The ramshackle Thap Rua , on an islet near the southern end, is topped with a red star and is often used as an emblem of Hanoi.


Tips And Reviews

171 Tips and reviews
- Mar, 25, 2013 -

5 Beo

Must go place in Hanoi,nice view,should try to walk around the lake by day & by night,always wonderful.If Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam,so this lake is the heart of Hanoi

- Jun, 01, 2016 -

Simple Discoveries

Take a stroll at dusk and again in the morning. Watch how the locals come alive around 6am as some come to exercise and dance near by. Plenty of good eats near the lake too.

- Feb, 05, 2014 -

Louis Pham

Famous lake in Hanoi. You can run around lake to enjoy Hanoi. Don't miss try cycling around West lake. That's great.

- Jan, 25, 2018 -

Ashley Dando

Great to wander around here, especially on the weekends when the roads are closed. Local Vietnamese come to hang out with their friends and family so it’s great to people watch. Must see area

- Jan, 15, 2015 -

Bang Geonzon

It takes 30 mins to go around the lake you can't help but stop and take a photo because of the scenic view. Surrounding the lake are benches, a resto and bar, souvenir stores, gym, a playground, etc.

- Mar, 14, 2013 -

Ross Hill

Great place to go for a run. Lots of bustling streets to explore and all sorts of interesting people sharing spaces.

- Feb, 21, 2017 -

teresa lin

no cars are allowed around the lake during weekends! easy to walk around and many activities to watch. FUN!

- Nov, 05, 2010 -

Mari Enriquez

One should never miss walking around Hoan Kiem when in Hanoi. you can see old folks doing tai chi & qi gong in the morning and around sunset. the willow and bending trees make for a good background

- Feb, 05, 2015 -

Sarah Spagnolo

Wake up early to see the exercise fiends who congregate for tai chi, yoga, dance aerobics and my favorite—the communal massage circle.

- Feb, 01, 2016 -

Talisa Chang

Lots of ladies will try to sell you fried donut things, and they're honestly pretty good. Get one of each and ask for a deal :P

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