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Hoan Kiem Lake

  • Sight: Hoan Kiem Lake
  • Type: Lakes, rivers & waterfalls
  • Location:Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Address: Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  • Opening hours: All day

Legend claims in the mid-15th century Heaven sent Emperor Ly Thai To a magical sword, which he used to drive the Chinese from Vietnam. After the war a giant golden turtle grabbed the sword and disappeared into the depths of this lake to restore the sword to its divine owners, inspiring the name Ho Hoan Kiem (Lake of the Restored Sword). Every morning at around 6am local residents practise traditional t’ai chi on the shore.

The ramshackle Thap Rua , on an islet near the southern end, is topped with a red star and is often used as an emblem of Hanoi.


Tips And Reviews

167 Tips and reviews
- Mar, 25, 2013 -

5 Beo

Must go place in Hanoi,nice view,should try to walk around the lake by day & by night,always wonderful.If Hanoi is the heart of Vietnam,so this lake is the heart of Hanoi

- Jun, 01, 2016 -

Simple Discoveries

Take a stroll at dusk and again in the morning. Watch how the locals come alive around 6am as some come to exercise and dance near by. Plenty of good eats near the lake too.

- Feb, 05, 2014 -

Louis Pham

Famous lake in Hanoi. You can run around lake to enjoy Hanoi. Don't miss try cycling around West lake. That's great.

- Jan, 15, 2015 -

Bang Geonzon

It takes 30 mins to go around the lake you can't help but stop and take a photo because of the scenic view. Surrounding the lake are benches, a resto and bar, souvenir stores, gym, a playground, etc.

- Mar, 14, 2013 -

Ross Hill

Great place to go for a run. Lots of bustling streets to explore and all sorts of interesting people sharing spaces.

- Nov, 05, 2010 -

Mari Enriquez

One should never miss walking around Hoan Kiem when in Hanoi. you can see old folks doing tai chi & qi gong in the morning and around sunset. the willow and bending trees make for a good background

- Feb, 21, 2017 -

teresa lin

no cars are allowed around the lake during weekends! easy to walk around and many activities to watch. FUN!

- Feb, 05, 2015 -

Sarah Spagnolo

Wake up early to see the exercise fiends who congregate for tai chi, yoga, dance aerobics and my favorite—the communal massage circle.

- Feb, 01, 2016 -

Talisa Chang

Lots of ladies will try to sell you fried donut things, and they're honestly pretty good. Get one of each and ask for a deal :P

- Jul, 26, 2014 -

Quentin Lafon

Situated in the earth of Hanoi, this lake is a good place to have a walk. The pagoda at the center of the lake is particularly popular.

- Feb, 11, 2013 -

Soyoung Park

This lake is one of 'must-go' places when in Hanoi. Visit here just before sunset, so that you can see a beautiful view:D

- Jan, 22, 2016 -

Mavrina Kri

Очень атмосферно! Местные ребята, изучающие английский, подходят пообщаться с туристами, задавая интересные вопросы. А как-то раз мне и вовсе довелось поучаствовать в конкурсах с призами!

- Jul, 06, 2013 -

winda p

Kind a city garden and small lake downtown hanoi. Lot of tourists and local people doin exercising,sightseeing,and dating also :DD

- Nov, 06, 2013 -


Muy bonito de visitar. Los vietnamitas se reunen a orillas del lago para hacer ejercicio, hablar y comer.

- Dec, 25, 2014 -

VN Discovery Tours

This lake in the center of Hanoi Old Quarter and is also Symbol of Hanoi.

- Nov, 01, 2014 -

Go Vietnamvisa

come here on weekends and you have chances to enjoy night market here with many goods- reasonable prices.

- Mar, 14, 2017 -

Seung O Shin

주말에는 '차없는 거리'로 지정되어 편하게 즐길 수 있어요. 야경도 멋 있으니 야시장과 함께 돌아 보는 것도 좋습니다.

- Oct, 06, 2015 -

Antoine Negre

Excellent pour faire un petit footing à l abris des scooters! En plein coeur de la vielle ville c est beau..

- May, 11, 2013 -


You must have great skill to cross those busy road. The best follow the crowd to cross, you will not fail.

- Aug, 21, 2017 -

Matt DePaso

Grab a popsicle or an ice cream and enjoy a stroll, it's a very popular place for photos!

- Sep, 02, 2012 -

Dat Nguyen

Seriously, the authorities should ban the sale of ice cream within 2 km around the Sword Lake to keep it clean, especially in holidays ~.~

- Jan, 01, 2014 -

Chitpong Wuttanan

walking around here, seeing lake and hearing traffic jam for touching Hanoi, (at night you can see vietnamese love scene)

- Apr, 15, 2014 -

hanoi guide

Very cool place, it is a heart of Hanoi Vietnam. Hanoi is a must in vietnam destination.

- May, 10, 2015 -

Phong Do Duc

You can visit Hoan Kiem lake with http://asiapearltravel.com with a Private city tour with a chosen guide you know and choose in advance!

- Oct, 04, 2017 -

Torzin S

Beautiful at sunset, pretty at night and serene at dawn

- May, 07, 2015 -

Jin Ngee Chia

Get up and get out here before the sun is up. Lots of people exercising. Great time for people watching in Hanoi.

- Nov, 06, 2013 -

Boon Yap

Beware of wandering tricksters & pickpockets. Apple-picking (iPhones) rather prevalent. Just be aware of your surroundings.

- Aug, 12, 2011 -

Minh Hà Nguyễn

A beautiful basket of flowers inside Hanoi, a mirror-like green lake, a place of love, etc..

- Feb, 14, 2015 -

Vans Quiza

Nice to run around the lake in the morning or you can stroll at night to see the beautiful lights

- Mar, 25, 2013 -

5 Beo

Hồ Gươm mùa nào,ban ngày hay ban đêm đều có nẻ đẹp riêng,nên dành thời gian đi bộ quanh hồ để cảm nhận vẻ đẹp.Hà nội là trái tim của cả nước thì hồ Gươm là trái tim của Hà nội

- Dec, 14, 2015 -

Elena Kiseleva

Walk around, join sport activists for stretching, sing with street artists, pick an ice-cream and live the moment 🌟

- Aug, 11, 2014 -

Werther Veulemans

Love this lake! At the red bridge there are alot of guys who ask their girl to marry them! Its considerid one of the most romantic things to do!

- Feb, 28, 2013 -

Johnny Young

I like to walk by at night. I feel so secure and love the environment...crowded but not to wild :-)

- Sep, 09, 2015 -


A nice place to walk around. Check out a rooftop cafe and watch the rush hour madness.

- Apr, 20, 2014 -

Helen Balfour

Very beautiful lake and promenade. See if you can spot a turtle!

- Oct, 02, 2014 -


Nice to stroll around in daytime or night - lots of interesting people

- Oct, 11, 2014 -

Barry Ooi

Take a walk around the lake, it's always buzzing with activity. Watch a game of hacky sack.

- Jun, 22, 2014 -

Sasha K

Join the fitness classes held on evenings and get a portion of energy

- Oct, 08, 2016 -

Wendy Venge

Sonetimes in weekend the streets next to the lake are traffic free.

- Mar, 11, 2017 -

Dmitriy Raudin

Однозначно лучше приходить в темное время суток. Когда все в иллюминации не видно того пиздеца что творится вокруг. Все становится более-менее приличным.

- Jul, 16, 2017 -

Kazim Goker

Nice view and peacefull especially weekends when traffic not allowed.

- Feb, 16, 2016 -

Pierre Gallois

Beau lac, calme et reposant au milieu du chaos de Hanoï

- Dec, 01, 2015 -


On weekend nights enjoy seeing dozens of couples taking wedding photos

- Mar, 02, 2015 -

Oliver Sarmiento

Awesome place to run around in the morning. 1 lap around the lake is about 1.6km.

- May, 23, 2015 -

aothun hk

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- Feb, 08, 2016 -

Yunus Emre

Samimi insanlar minik sevimli çocuklar... Mutlaka etrafında gezinti yapın

- Jan, 27, 2017 -


Ночью очень красивая подсветка🤗Советую ходить в вечернее время!Но тогда не попадёте к черепахе🤔

- Dec, 12, 2014 -

VN Discovery Tours

Hoan Kiem lake, the symbol of Hanoi.

- Apr, 15, 2013 -

Destination Asia

Hoan Kiem Lake lies at the very heart of Hanoi in Vietnam, within the city's storied Old Quarter

- Sep, 08, 2013 -

"M Dogan Sahiner"

Walking near the lake is one of the best things at night here...

- Nov, 03, 2014 -

Homer Lone

Flamboyant and willow trees by the lake, esp flamboyant flowers in May.

- Jul, 20, 2015 -

Long Nguyen

U can buy a gift at here

- Nov, 12, 2017 -

Alerrandro Correa

Este é o lago da espada, onde o rei do Vietnã a recebeu de uma tartaruga dourada para vencer os chineses que invadiam.

- Jul, 10, 2013 -

Hana Pham

Các chị cho con ăn, các cụ nhảy erobic xoeng xoeng! Loáng thoáng giọng miền nam trong gió! Các cháu teen vừa hôn vừa pose hình. Các bạn Tây sợ hãi qua đường! Là đó Trái tim Hà Nội!

- Nov, 23, 2015 -

Alessia Camera

Nice place to stroll & relax in Hanoi

- Dec, 08, 2016 -

inspector clouseau

Бурная социальная жизнь с утра до вечера вокруг озера. Глоток чистого воздуха

- May, 23, 2015 -

aothun hk

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- Apr, 21, 2015 -

aothun hk

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- May, 23, 2015 -

aothun hk

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- Jul, 02, 2012 -

Hoan Do

Great for Walking or Jogging :D

- Oct, 15, 2015 -

TC Boi

Many locals come here to have a stroll at night

- Jan, 21, 2014 -


Walk around the lake during sunset is lovely.

- Apr, 21, 2013 -

Sam Lee

Rất thích, rất thích những buổi tối đi dạo ngoài hồ, cảm giác lòng thấy rất nhẹ nhàng, thanh thản. Tập thể dục buổi sáng cũng là 1 cảm giác khá hay, k khí trong lành 

- Aug, 04, 2014 -

Trang Luu

Walking arround here always let me feel the beat of Hanoi :">

- Sep, 02, 2017 -

Stefan Lazović

Very nice in evenings.

- Aug, 17, 2011 -


Alquilate una motillo (si te atreves), y date un par de vueltas a la plaza (espectacular) para calentar...

- Apr, 12, 2015 -

Du Linh

Perfect to walk around on weekends

- Sep, 11, 2017 -

Angelina Schweiger

beautiful and quite place!

- Aug, 25, 2011 -

Daniele Calorio

Wake up at 5 am and come do tai chi or running with thousands hanoi's people!

- Apr, 19, 2012 -

Mikhail de Rivera

Walk around the lake and enjoy the sounds of the traffic and the view.

- Jun, 19, 2016 -

Massimo Gavina

One of the most magic places in Hanoi

- Nov, 20, 2015 -

Hozu Hoàng Dung

Good for walking with some ice - cream.

- May, 29, 2015 -


Local hangout place during the summer.

- Aug, 19, 2016 -

Kars Alfrink

Good for an early morning stroll or run.

- Dec, 01, 2013 -

Phan Vu

A must-see place in Hanoi

- Mar, 10, 2013 -


Sunday brings out everyone, it's a nice way to see normal people out and about .

- May, 05, 2017 -

Ashley Gericke

Busy and pretty, but the water is filthy, the government is not doing enough to clean up the filth!

- Aug, 05, 2013 -

Yeremias Fade

Its a suitabls place for walk around on Hanoi

- Feb, 12, 2013 -

Tracy Truong

Have problem with visa card!!!a unmultiform menu!! And bad staff

- Jun, 24, 2016 -

Caprio Redorn

Relaxing walks and interesting sights.

- Nov, 14, 2015 -

Gaby🌟 Bagnis Castillo

🚲Super lindo lugar paseo en bici todos juntos !!👌🏼🚲

- Nov, 21, 2013 -

Alittle Hanoi

peaceful lake among crowded street

- Apr, 29, 2012 -

Le Dung

Beautiful lake, must see!

- Apr, 09, 2013 -

Mitchell Pham

Good place to have a walk and to take a breathe

- Oct, 14, 2010 -

krishna maharani

nice place for taking pics, especially in the morning & evening. Ha Noi is celebrating its 1000th anniversary, so beautifuull..;D

- Apr, 09, 2017 -

Nabil Bazzari

Nice lake. Must see

- Jul, 11, 2015 -

Akil Cumberbatch

Great scenic spot!

- Jan, 30, 2015 -

Julia Shcherbakova

Очень душевное место в шумном Ханое.

- Aug, 13, 2014 -

Vietnam Typical Tours

Send to lover of Hanoi.

- Nov, 01, 2010 -

Watcharin Burapa-arayahwong

very cool place :) I walked around there everyday when I came to Vietnam.

- Jul, 17, 2012 -

Khiem Bui Tuan

Crowded area in town

- Jan, 17, 2016 -

Tue Phan

Like the atmosphere here. Nice views!

- Sep, 13, 2015 -

Joel Savitzky

So. Many. People.

- Jan, 22, 2014 -

samuel setiawan

View is very amazing

- May, 23, 2015 -

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- Nov, 21, 2017 -

Miguel Gomes

It's a very pleasant walk around the lake.

- May, 23, 2015 -

aothun hk

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- May, 23, 2015 -

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- Feb, 07, 2016 -

Phuc Nguyen

Waiting for seeing 🎆🎆 with my loves

- Feb, 10, 2015 -

Bijan Young

Beautiful & calm & real.

- May, 23, 2015 -

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- Apr, 14, 2016 -

Souri So

Enjoy some quality time around the lake

- Jun, 05, 2014 -

Mai Chi Nguyễn


- May, 27, 2012 -

Sophanna Yath

Must-see lake in Hanoi!!!!

- Feb, 10, 2015 -

Bijan Young

Scenic. Romantic.

- May, 23, 2015 -

aothun hk

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- Dec, 05, 2013 -

Kantapat Piamwiwattikul


- May, 05, 2017 -

Bilal Tanatar

Nice place to walk around.

- Apr, 17, 2017 -

Prach Akepapan

Good tea Good Traditional

- May, 18, 2012 -

Al Chang

Beautiful at sunset.

- Nov, 26, 2011 -

Clara Muktiyan Hadi

A place where we having time with our lovely person....

- Feb, 28, 2017 -

Gavin Kok Meng

Nice lake to take a walk after dinner

- Sep, 19, 2015 -

Ron Senjiu

A cosy lake!

- Mar, 15, 2013 -

Hoàng Đức Sơn

Nói chung là thấy chán nản đ' thể chịu dc. Tuần sau lại còn k bỏ học về quê dc :(. Bố mà biết đứa nào phô vụ tiền bạc ra bố vả lệch thớt... Dm

- Dec, 01, 2013 -

Tiep Le Viet

So peaceful!!!!!!!

- Jan, 19, 2011 -

abeurut wechat: abeurut

Quite happening just before the Chinese New Year and new president election.

- Feb, 16, 2016 -

Ekaterina Yakovleva

Lovely view!!

- Jun, 26, 2014 -

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- Aug, 20, 2014 -


The Turtle in the lake

- May, 19, 2012 -

Romeo Beck

Sáng và tối đều rất đông thanh-trung niên tập thể dục. Tối là nơi lượn lờ của hàng triệu thanh niên trong đó có mình

- Dec, 06, 2011 -


The view is very impressive !

- Oct, 10, 2011 -

Ly Bông

ngày nào cũng thế 5 vòng đều :) sảng khoái và lãng quên bao muộn fiền ... chìm đắm trong ko gian sống động đường fố ... em thấy nhớ anh nhiều hơn

- Apr, 10, 2015 -

Tien Nguyen Minh

SF spa Hanoi Lakeview near here.

- May, 20, 2012 -

Children Matter

Thuc ra dang o hoa qua dam To Tich!

- Mar, 19, 2012 -

Jake Sully

mot dia danh noi tieng, chua biet Ho Guom la chua den Ha Noi

- Sep, 04, 2016 -

Lewis Smith

Remember to wear some deet

- May, 31, 2010 -


just come to hear around 4pm, its amazing view.

- Apr, 04, 2013 -


Mong mọi người ý thức việc giữ cảnh quan, môi trường xung quanh để nó luôn tươi đẹp trong mắt mọi người!

- Apr, 30, 2017 -

James Baker

Saturday evenings feel so alive.

- May, 26, 2014 -

Mai Chi Nguyễn


- Aug, 12, 2013 -

Phương Hoa Nguyễn

Yêu những chiều Hà Nội... Dạo phố sách Đinh Lễ rất tuyệt

- Apr, 17, 2013 -

Trang Quynh

Đi bộ trên này cũng sướng, ngắm người cũng sướng, thả hồn kiểu lãng mạn ờ thì cũng sướng

- May, 23, 2015 -

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- Jan, 07, 2014 -

Huong Dung

to day Hoan Kiem Lake very dirty !

- Apr, 08, 2013 -

Shadi Adnan

Nearer to god

- Jun, 23, 2012 -

Mai Linh

Alone, but i'm ok!!!

- Nov, 16, 2013 -


Da den day

- Jan, 16, 2015 -

Hoa Son

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- May, 23, 2015 -

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- Sep, 27, 2010 -

Way Chuan Low

Aerobic at the late evening.

- Jan, 15, 2014 -

Quang Nguyen


- Oct, 02, 2014 -

藤井 康隆


- Mar, 25, 2017 -

Huy Tran

không gian đẹp và hữu tình, sáng sương mù rất lãng mạn

- Apr, 06, 2013 -

Jason Minh Tân

La diem nhan doc dao cua thanh pho, la phoi xanh va diem den duoc yeu thich nhat cua Ha Noi!

- May, 23, 2015 -

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- Dec, 31, 2011 -

Hung Nguyen

Về cơ bản lễ hội hoa năm nay toàn cá sấu và một bầy khỉ vô ý thưc.

- Mar, 17, 2015 -

Linh Ngô

Muốn về hvtc cho nhanh thì ta điểm bus cạnh bưu điện bắt 31 :v

- Sep, 03, 2011 -


Nothing special here. Just a lake in the city.

- Aug, 20, 2012 -

vinh phamduy

hồ đẹp .có nhiều cây cối .mùa hè ra ngồi rất mát

- Mar, 01, 2014 -

Dat Nguyen

mấy hàng bán balô quanh hồ nói thách & chảnh vãi :-/

- Jul, 11, 2013 -

Phong Ngo

Cái ao làng từ bao giờ vẫn thế ! Buồn thay cho 1 thủ đô ngàn năm văn hiến

- Jun, 10, 2012 -

Long Nguyen

Mỗi lần đều có 1 cảm giác khác,đẹp thật!

- Feb, 09, 2012 -

Dat Dang

Ra đây vào mùa thu hay lúc còn sương mù thì cực kì đẹp luôn :x

- Oct, 14, 2011 -


Ngồi ở gần Hồ Gươm thích nhất là hưởng gió mát và ngắm cụ Rùa

- Sep, 15, 2010 -

Yanuar Triansyah

Just got here..

- Aug, 22, 2012 -

Dat Nguyen

haha dia diem nay minh lap ra nhieu nguoi ghe tham phet :D

- Aug, 07, 2011 -

Xoay Tròn

Man u - man c: 3-2

- Jul, 30, 2013 -

Chau Anh Bui

Đi xa lúc nào cũng rất nhớ nơi này..

- Apr, 16, 2014 -

linh linh

ước được đi chơi ngoài này quá

- Sep, 05, 2011 -

Mike Nguyen

Ca nhạc nghệ sĩ violon đường phố

- Nov, 25, 2012 -

Nông Cạn

những lần tự kỷ

- Oct, 16, 2011 -

Ly Bông

vẫn chỗ đó .... em ngẩn ngơ nhớ anh :)

- Aug, 11, 2014 -

Adolf Hassler

Hóng gió nóng

- Oct, 12, 2012 -

Khánh Duy

Cứ đi xa Hà Nội là nhớ:x

- Sep, 17, 2011 -

Hoài Nam

Ngắm hồ và nhâm nhi coffee :)

- Feb, 03, 2012 -

Vũ Nguyễn

Lạnh lẽo......

- Mar, 19, 2012 -

Le Tung

Ao Rùa:))))

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