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Domaine de Marie Church

  • Sight: Domaine de Marie Church
  • Type: Religious
  • Location:Hanoi - Vietnam
  • Address: No 1 Ngoquyen, Lamdong, Dalat
  • Opening hours: Daytime

No one can deny that Dalat has a reputation as one of the most attractive cities in Vietnam, which can be accounted for by the fact that its architecture was the combination of French and Vietnamese style. The Domaine De Marie (Dominion of Marie) Church is one example of that interaction between the two cultures. Today, it is not only a place for the local people to worship but also a destination for visitors from just anywhere.

The Domaine de Marie Church, also called Mai Anh Church or Cherry Church, is home to the Roman Catholic nuns of the Mission of Charity. Actually, that’s why many people think that there’s a feminine charm attached to the architecture of the church. Located on a nice hill at 1 Ngo Quyen St., Ward 6, nearly 0.6 mile southwest away from the city center, it is a 29.6-acre architectural complex consisting of the main church and two convents. It offers a scenic panoramic view of the city. It was built from 1930 to 1943 following the 17th century French style. Before 1975, this is the main abbey with more than 50 female nuns, most of which are Vietnamese who carry out social activities like opening orphanages and kindergarten.  However, because its architecture is the harmonious combination of Western art and Vietnamese folk art, the church definitely stands out from other ones created at the same era.

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